Why defining buyer personas is the most critical step before you start your Content Marketing?

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                                                                           Buyer Personas                                                                                         Image Source: repcapitalmedia.com


We all know that content is the most critical aspect when it comes to attracting customers. Your content helps customers to know if the information provided is useful for them or not. If your audience likes your content then the chances are good that they will come back to you again and buy your product. But how do you know if your content is right for your target audience? This is where the importance of buyer personas comes into picture.

A buyer persona is the representation of your ideal customer which you arrive after thorough research of existing customers. You capture all the details about customers like demographics, interests, ambitions, lifestyle, behaviour, issues, goals etc. These details then define your buyer persona. The more details you have, the better is your persona.

This exercise will not only help you to know your customers better but it will be even more useful when you start writing content for them. This will simplify the challenge of writing a new content every time and will also improve the effectiveness of every piece of content you produce. Read below to understand how defining buyer personas will simplify your Content Marketing strategy.

1. Gives direction to your content strategy:

Defining buyer personas can be a game changer for your long term content strategy. Once you are clear who are you writing your content for, then planning the content becomes very easy. Think of all the issues and confusion which your buyer goes through in their buying cycle. Analysing each such situation presents you with an opportunity to come up with a remarkable content. You can sit down with your Marketing and Sales team and list down all the critical areas pertaining around buyer personas. This will not only give you plethora of ideas but also help you to plan and time your content. So, next time whenever you are not sure what to bring on next, look nowhere other than your buyer personas.

2. Better understanding of customers:

The entire exercise of defining your buyer personas itself is meant to make you understand your customers better. In my personal experience, I have found that the companies who don’t define buyer personas have a very limited understanding of their customers. Everyone in the company will have their own definition of who their customer is, without knowing what problem they are solving for them.

Defining buyer personas gives you a very clear picture of your customer’s behaviours, habits, lifestyle, problems and so many other things. In short, you have a real person in front of you. Now, you need to make your content in such a way that this real person gets compelled to notice you. Bring their style, tone, and personality in your content and your half job is done.

3. Get attention for your content:

The internet is flooded with so much information that getting attention from customers has become a major challenge for marketers. To get the attention on a continual basis requires building of trust. Customers will only trust you if they realise that you are the solution to all their problems.

Defining your buyer personas can help to better understand the problems your customers face. Once you know this, you need to present the solution to their problems in your content. Besides this you also need to ensure that it reaches to your audience through the medium and the format they prefer. This will get maximum attention from your potential buyers.

4. New Content Ideas:

I can assure you that you will never run out of ideas if you have clearly defined your buyer personas. The more you explore your buyer, the more ideas you will be able to generate. You can map your personas for each stage of buyers journey i.e. Awareness, Consideration and Decision stage. Analyse and understand how your personas make their progress in this journey. Basis this, you will have a topic for your content which will be useful and informative to your buyer. This will also give a structure to your approach and no matter in which stage your personas are, you will have a content ready to get their attention.

5. Reach to relevant audience:

Defining your buyer personas ensures that your content attracts only to the relevant audience. This will segment your customers from those for whom your product do not solve any purpose. Your content will appeal only to the potential buyers and this will result in strong leads for your business. The number of qualified leads will be high which will also help in improving the conversion rate.

If you are successful in mapping your buyer personas at different stages of buying cycle, then it will further improve your audience targeting. Your content will be more personalised and you can guide potential leads better to the decision stage.

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Now as you understand that defining buyer personas can be a great strategy for your content marketing. It’s time that you should put this in practice. A great persona will open up new avenues for your content writing. It will simplify your long term strategy and it can help you to plan and time your content better. A great content is a long term investment for your business and sooner or later you will start getting returns on it. But a great content is only valuable if it is made and delivered to right audience which is why creating buyer personas is so much important.

As a practice you should always go back and review personas you have defined. As your business grows, you will have new customers and existing customers also evolve with time.

There are many templates and tools available online which can help you to create buyer personas. There is also a lot of information on how to conduct interviews and what questions to ask your customers to build great personas.

So, go ahead and create a win-win proposition for both your customers and your business. All the best!!

(The views mentioned here are author’s own personal view. Your comments and feedback are most most welcome 🙂 )

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