SEO and Brand Building Strategy

In today’s digital era, website of any company or service plays an important role to form the impression about the brand. A good and content rich website may leave a user with lasting impression to make him visit again and try the company’s product or services. Whereas a bad experience may make him/her never try the company’s service again. Such firms might lose up a good business because of this. What SEO efforts should do to such firms is to change the impression about the brand and bring in new customers and business along with it.

But, does image builds overnight?

Brand building is a long process and so is the SEO. To build the strong image of a brand through SEO is no more just the game of finding right keywords. It is about gaining trust from your targeted customer base. This trust is equally measured by Google as well. Your customers will come to you only if they find what they want on your website. Once they get to know that this is the right place, they will come again and it is the effectiveness of your SEO efforts which ensures that user sticks to your website. This stickiness will automatically improve your rankings on Google and so the followers of your business and the brand.


Imagine you are a small Marketing agency with specialization in BTL Marketing activities and your target customers are the companies wanting to execute their BTL marketing efforts. Since, you can’t reach customers outside a defined territory; you decide to attract customers through online medium. If you are a lesser known company, the chances that users will trust your brand are less. For this, your brand should develop credibility online (of course offline is equally important) which is where your SEO efforts should be directed at. The strategy should focus on developing enriching and right content, good domain name, right keywords, backlinks from trusted sources, user friendly design of website etc. This is a slow and arduous process but with time you will start getting results. Soon your potential customers will start knowing you and if they find the right thing on your website, they will start developing trust for your brand. Similarly, Google will also improve your page’s ranking based on users trust. The rule of thumb is ‘if people start liking your website, so does Google too”.

But it doesn’t end here….sustaining your good image and trust is the most important thing!!

Once your SEO efforts starts showing results then comes the most difficult part… sustaining it!! From here on, the efforts should be to understand your customer and competition. Understand what new is happening in your industry? Is customer behavior changing? And are you with customers changing preferences? These are some of the questions which should define your SEO strategy. The ultimate goal should be to ensure that users like you and authorize you as the expert of given field.

SEO and brand building go hand in hand. You cannot achieve one without other!!


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